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Cassie's Thoughts

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4th July 2007

12:09pm: I MISS Shiver My Timber! I had a dream last night where Cssie was standing on the end of the dock with her thumb in the air, trying to hitchhike. I doubt that they had hitchhiking in 1643, but still...

31st December 2006

Your Day on St. Erasmus by LadySphinx
Your name
You wake up in the morning, only to find . . . .there's a dead goat in your sitting room.
And that . . . .the pasties are going to eat you.
So you stomp off to . . . .the grocery
And proceed to . . . .blow up the docks.
Everything was looking up until . . . .the bunny rabbits showed up.
And before you go to bed, you vow . . . .to always, always carry knitting needles.
Only to discover the following morning that . . .you're now wanted for eleven counts of buggery.

Okay. First of all, I live in the Burrough's House so I don't have a sitting room! Secondly, I can't knit, and I already do carry around a sewing needle that I could poke people with if neccesary. Maybe I forgot it that day?
Current Mood: amused

15th December 2006

8:42pm: Dec. 19, 1643
I'm at the Jewels of Femninity thing and a guard came and something is happening but I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!!!
Current Mood: aggravated

3rd December 2006

9:44pm: Dec. 18, 1643
I've been sick for a while but I'm better now. Today Agnes and me made a cake and Sally watched for a little while and Christobelle helped make the frosting. It'd for the Jewels of Feminintity Christmas thing! Christmas is soon! I can't wait!

26th August 2006

12:19am: Lots Of Stuff
July 21, 1643

Susannah Barton was murdered. And the Spanish attacked and a ship turned them to stone but corpse monsters came off the ship and attcked and they melted them with salt, but I WASN'T THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrrgh! The most interesting thing to happen yet, and I missed it!
I met lot's of more people. I haven't put a squid in anybody's bed yet. I'll wait until they catch the murderer, everything at the workhouse is to confused for a prank like that right now.

20th August 2006

7:41pm: Thurs. July 20, 1643

The Spaniards are going to blow us up if we don't give them $5,000!!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: anxious

10th August 2006

7:41pm: Squids! In people's beds!
I was talking to Agnes at the beach and I decided to put a squid in somebody's bed! I was going to put it in Mr. Burroghs' bed but it's too risky for me to go into his bedroom so I'll put it in somebody's bed in the dormitory. Plus, then I might get to be there when they lay down in their bed and a squid is there!!! I haven't decided whose bed to put it in yet, I need to talk to Agnes some more, and I need to find out how to catch a squid.

8th August 2006

9:42pm: New Friends
I met lots of new people today. I met Hope Munnings who is new at the Burroughs' House, and two little boys, Jack and I don't remember the other one's name, and then I met Isabel Hollywood, whose father is Dr. Hollywood who made me go inside when he looked at Frieda's body, and Millie Mayhew who wants to be a town guard and likes to investigate things and Rhea Homer. Oh, and I have now told 8 people about Maggie and Dr. Stacy.
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